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10 Projects for October

October is the perfect time to finish up those outdoor projects you started during the summer to get your house ready to put on the market. Here are ten projects we suggest to create a cozy feeling in your home for winter and fall.

  1. fall leaves1. Insulation. Sealing and insulating your home well is a great way to avoid high energy bills during the colder months. Attics can be especially tricky and tend to let out a lot of heat. Avoid big bills by getting a jumpstart on your insulation before it is too late.

  2. 2. Update your mudroom. As the weather cools the layers begin growing and before you know it there are coats and mittens all over the house. Not to mention that the wet weather that comes with fall and winter also brings plenty of muddy shoes. Keep things organized by buying or making a shoe rack for muddy shoes and keeping a coat tree by the entry to your mudroom. If you’re feeling really adventurous, slap on a new coat of paint to give the mudroom and fresh feal!

  3. 3. Start up the fireplace. October is a good time to make sure that your fireplace is clean and working properly. Before you know it will be cold enough to have a fire every night!

  4. 4. Prepare your lawn. Taking good care of your lawn now will ensure that it grows back healthy next spring. Fix up dead patches by spreading a thin layer of fertilizer over your grass and planting some cold weather seeds to begin regrowth. Aerating your lawn will also help to keep your yard healthy and happy!

  5. 5. Reverse your ceiling fans. The majority of ceiling fans turn counterclockwise, and because heat rises, reversing your fans to turn clockwise will push the heat back down into the room.

  6. 6. Carpet cleaning time! Since you will probably be spending more time indoors during the fall and winter, it is a good idea to clean your carpets and start the seasons with freshly cleaned carpets. Often times in the summer our feet bring in all kinds of pollen and dust that can build up in your carpet. To avoid the dust being pulled back in the air, give your carpets a good cleaning!

  7. 7. Fix up outside paint. Check the exterior of your home for any peeling paint. You want to be sure that you have fixed up the exterior of your home before the really cold months set in. Once rain becomes the daily norm, you won’t want to waste your time trying to fix up the outside of your home.

  8. 8. Smoke alarm installation. Of course your home should already have smoke alarms in every room, but if you don’t, October is a great time to install them as it is Fire Prevention Month! Make sure your smoke alarms are working well, and ensure that your family is well educated about fire risks as heaters are being used more frequently as the weather cools.

  9. 9. Fallen leaves. If you have a tree that has falling leaves, now is the time to clean them up! Leaving fallen leaves through the winter can create quite the mess once the weather has cleared up in spring. It is especially important when your house is on the market that your yard is well taken care of, and part of that is making sure that fall leaves are taken care of.

  10. 10. Pumpkins. Pumpkins are a great way to add some decor to your house during October and November. You can have pumpkins outside or inside and they will brighten the mood and help you get into the fall spirit!

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