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3 Mistakes Buyers Make Before Closing Homes in Kirkland WAkeys

Buying a home can be a fun and exciting time but sometimes buyers can be overwhelmed with emotion that they miss certain key details in the home buying process. The following are the top mistakes we've seen Kirkland real estate buyers make when purchasing a home.

1. Not having an inspection
Buyers can get caught up in the thrill of owning the home that they can forego major details such as the inspection. Buyers may not want to spend money on a professional inspection or figure if the seller is not going to make repairs anyway, why bother. But having an inspection regardless of the seller is vital to the future of the home. A licensed inspector will check the integrity of the roof, foundation, heating and cooling systems, pool features, and check for mold or other pest issues. These not only give the buyer a well rounded view of their investment but also can help plan for future repairs or replacements needed.

2. Neglecting any By Laws or CCR's
Buyers can purchase a home planning on upgrades or additions to the home without reading any covenants the home owners association or community may have on the subject. Once you purchase Kirkland real estate you may be restricted on doing some of the things you wanted to do and therefore the home of your dreams may turn out not to be.

3. Opting out on the final walkthrough
Buyers often get too busy for the final walkthrough but sellers could have damaged the home during the move out period and buyers need to be aware of their rights in this case. Check on all repairs made during an inspection and that all garbage and items have been properly removed prior to final disbursement of funds.

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