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Why Use a Buyers Agent in Kirkland WA?

Is a buyers agent right for you?

Why use an agent to buy a house when you can walk right into any open house and have the agent listing the property facilitate the entire transaction. But if you think about it, who is that agent really working for? You, or the Seller?

This is where having a buyers agent on your side really becomes important. Having a buyers agent on your side alleviates all the fear that your best interest are not being taken into account. A buyer's agent works solely for you, the buyer, and not the seller of any particular home. They have your interests at heart and keep financial and buying situations completely confidential.

Think of it this way: If you are a buyer and want to buy Kirkland real estate that is listed for $400,000 but you only want to offer $360,000. You have been pre-approved for $450,000 so this is well within your price range but you still want a deal because the house has been on the market a while. You also really like the house and would probably be willing to go up to the asking price if needed. A buyers agent would know all this information and keep it confidential from the listing agent and the sellers. If the same agent worked for both the buyer and the seller, there is nothing stopping the agent from disclosing all the information about you to their seller. They may say to the seller "These buyers want to offer less but they really like the home and can afford more, so if you counter offer for more money, they will probably agree to it."

Now if you have a buyers agent on your side, negotiating for you, the conversation may go more like this: Buyers Agent to listing agent: "My buyers do like the house but are only willing to go to $360,000. They have several other homes they have been looking at that they like as well." Your buyer's agent doesn't have to inform the listing agent that they are willing to go higher or that this is the only house they like. They negotiate with all your cards close in hand for better results. If the seller's counteroffer, it is their choice to push the envelope and if you choose to go up from there, then it's your choice and not a marketing ploy.

Probably the best part about having a buyers agent is it cost you nothing! That's right. The buyer's agent gets a commission from the seller of whatever home you choose so they really are only working for your interest. They want you to find the right home at the right price.

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