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Buying Kirkland Real Estate

In this market, are you in the driver's seat during negotiations? You still need to be prepared for the transaction ahead of time. Here are some things to keep in mind when starting your search on a new home.

Get pre-approved right off the bat.
Make sure you are in touch with a lender and have a pre-approval letter in hand. This is more than a simple mortgage calculator online. This is where a lender takes all your financial
details and approves you obtaining a loan with the debt and income you have.

Drive by homes before you view the inside. If this is possible it will save you and your agent time by knowing up front if you even like the neighborhood or the outside first. If so, then you can choose to view the inside.

Make sure you have some out of pocket expenses covered. Now days, closing costs can be built into the cost of the home but items such as inspection costs and earnest money need to be paid out right. Set aside at least $1000 minimum for these costs.

Be willing to walk away from a deal. Find out what you can and cannot live with then stick to it. Is a small issue worth losing the deal or are the sellers not willing to budge on something you feel is really important. Think about these things a head of time.

Let your agent do the talking. You don't want to be involved with the listing agent or the sellers. This is your agent's job and it keeps emotions at bay. Listen to your agent but ultimately you make the final decision on the terms.

Know that the time between the inspection approval and closing are the quietest times for you but when you need to be thinking about home owner's insurance, a home warranty if you want one, and moving expenses. Your agent, lender and escrow companies are going to be working hard to make sure you close on time so the communication may be a little sparse during this time. Don't worry, this is where the behind the scenes people really get work.

Be confident and have fun. Finding a new home can be an enjoyable experience. Our agents love to help those searching for new home or condos in the Kirkland WA real estate area and are ready to help you today!

Insurance - Insurance proves to be a beneficial protective measure for both individuals as well as businesses. By providing coverage, the insurer is bound to support any financial loss to be suffered these parties through a prior agreement.