Buying homes in Kirkland Wa

Packing up and moving an entire home is stressful enough without the hassle of not knowing where everything goes and keeping the organization to a maximum. Here are some simple tips to packing that can ease the stress of moving.

1 - Know your future home. This may sound obvious but if you have a plan when you choose your new home about where everything will be going it will make the entire process of packing easier. If you can layout your furniture, appiances and personal belongings ahead of time in your head or on paper, it can make the move more smooth.

2 - Pack up a room at a time. If there are rooms you don't use that much, consider packing them up first, cleaning and closing the door on that room. If this can't be done pack up as much as you can and label each box exactly what room and what is inside.

3 - Label, Label, Label. Make sure each box has a label on what is in it, where it goes and the direction if necessary. You don't want bottles with liquid in them turning upside down during moving. It can be a mess when you unpack. Also label all sides of fragile boxes. If you are not packing yourself, make sure the movers know the fragile boxes and don't place too many items on top of those boxes in the truck.

4 - Reserve all items ahead of time. Find coupons online for moving trucks, gas cards, and any moving equipment. Make sure you are not standing in line the day of the move waiting for things or discover items you need are sold out.

5 - Plan your route ahead of time. If you are moving long distances make sure you know the route and have bought the correct miles on your moving van. You don't want to be stuck with more miles than you bought and have more fees when you get there.

6 - Start collecting boxes all the time. If you plan on saving money during the move you probably don't want to go out and buy a ton of boxes as they can add up fast. Start collecting boxes and packing as you go. The liquor store carries lots of sturdy boxes for fragile items. Grocery stores and thrift stores have left over boxes that are great to add up. When you move and you have a stack of boxes left over try and either recycle them or place a free ad to give them away to the next people moving.

For tips and information on packing up your Kirkland real estate please call us anytime. We would be happy to help in your move however we can.