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Welcome to the Kirkland Waterfront

One look at Kirkland, Washington and you’ll know why residents say that “Water colors everything in Kirkland.” Nestled comfortably on the eastern side of the Puget Sound, Kirkland offers residents all the best of Northwest living. buying a home in Kirkland Washington

Living here offers residents something that some people spend a lifetime hoping to find. There is a certain peace and tranquility to Kirkland that defies its close proximity to all of the urban verve of Seattle, lying just across the Puget Sound. There are plenty of panoramic views of Mount Rainier, the Olympic Mountains, the waterscapes of the Sound and so much more!

Miles and miles of bicycle trails and walking paths fill the community and it is not uncommon to see nearly as many bikes on the road as you do cars on a summer’s day downtown. Why not? There’s so much to see and do in downtown Kirkland!

One stop you simply must make is Urban Coffee Lounge in Kirkland's Juanita neighborhood. This attractive meeting place features Stumptown beans roasted in Seattle. They offer a wide variety of milks including a rather surprising Hemp milk that even outsells the soy! If you really want to treat yourself to an indulgent beverage, try their “Top Shelf Mocha” that is made with truffle chocolate syrup from Chocolati!

Once you revived your taste buds at the Urban Coffee Lounge, head down for a walk along the Puget Sound, check out one of the many family-owned boutiques and stores or simply sit back with your kindle and read for a few minutes in one of the many parks that dot the land throughout Kirkland. It’s a quiet kind of place that was made for those seeking a pleasant if temporary escape from the normal shuffle of Northwest living. Not everyone understands the change of pace that a day in Kirkland offers, but once you experience it, you’ll find yourself longing for more and more days just like it!

When you're ready to make Kirkland your home give us a call. We have all the latest listings in the Kirkland real estate market and can help you find a loan, a house and great neighborhood. We look forward to hearing from you soon!