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Selling Kirkland Real Estate

Are you considering selling your Kirkland real estate, but you’re not exactly sure of the selling process? Not to worry, the agents at Hallmark Realty have you covered. Something that makes us one of the best real estate companies that Kirkland has to offer is our dedication and loyalty to our clients. In addition, we always want our clients to be successful as well, which is why we have included a list of tips for those of you who are selling your Kirkland home to use.

When you are selling your Kirkland home, it is important to be objective to the appearance of your home. Things that you may think look okay, others may not. Appearance is the most valued thing that attracts a buyer. Make sure that you make necessary improvements and repairs - they may cost a little extra, but it will add a lot of value to your home. The less that is wrong with your home, the more likely a buyer will want to buy it.

The first thing that should be done when you are attempting to sell your Kirkland home is search for improvements that can be made prior to an open house. Look for small details on the outside of your home that could boost its value. Are the walls washed? Does it need an extra coat of paint? Small fixings can benefit you immensely in the long run. Make sure your lawn, trees, and other landscapings are neatly trimmed and mowed. Add flowers to the front of your house if you can, because it will really make your home sparkle. Remove any leaves or fallen branches out of your yard before you commence an open house. Keep in mind that the buyer’s first impression of your home is going to make them decide whether or not they should pursue this home. A little extra effort can go a long way.

A big component of selling your home is thinking like a buyer. Whenever you are doing a final walkthrough of the inside of your Kirkland home, try to view your home as a buyer would. Make sure the interior paint is smooth, windows are clean, the carpet is clean or new, and the appliances work. All of these different little details will be important details to the buyer. Your best bet would be to have your agent or a close friend walk through your home and make sure that everything is up to par.

Don't forget about those hidden problems that a buyer's inspector may find such as leaky plumbing, ungrounded outlets, slow drains or code violations. Have your closets clean and organized so they look as large and spacious as possible. Remove items from storage areas. The same is true for every room in the house. Remove any items that seem to decrease the size of the rooms. Remove personal items and knick-knacks throughout the house. They may be items close to your heart, but to a potential buyer they're just clutter. Remember you want to keep your buyers attention on what they came to see ... your house! With little preparation and some small improvements, you may very well increase the value of your property!

The following check list will help to ensure your home is ready to show! Print this page out to use as a reference!

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Cleaning and Maintenance

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For specific details on cleaning and staging your Kirkland Washington real estate, call on our agents today. We can walk through your home with ideas on how to make your home stand out from the rest.