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Tips for Staging your Kirkland Area Real Estate


To sell in this market, you can't NOT afford to stage your home.
Buyers are weighing the difference between brand new, beautifully staged homes and  yours. To compete with that market you have to step up the look of your home and stage like mad to make sure your home stands out above the rest.

If you home features something that brand new homes don't,  play up that feature as much as you can. Make sure the listing includes, mature landscape or breathtaking view as some new homes just don't have these features. buying a home in Kirkland Washington

Here are some tips on staging you can implement to make sure your home sets itself apart from all the others out there.

Visit Model Homes

This is probably the first thing you should do when wanting to stage you own home. You will need to see what your competition is like. Take notes and notice furniture placement and decor. Contractors spend thousands on getting a stager to properly set up the home for maximum impact.

Keep colors simple and neutral.

Time to paint over that red kitchen or bright green bathroom. Keep paint colors warm and neutral as if you were setting up a serene hotel room. Simple beige and white trim works well right now. Going a little darker in larger rooms is ok if you stick to complementary colors.

Pack all Personal Belongings

This includes your grandmother's china collection or your baseball memorabilia collection. Remember what you saw at the model homes? Simple pieces that could go with any decor or lifestyle. Match them with your colors. Check out places like Pier One or
 Cost Plus. Many times they have model areas set up with coordinating pieces. Don't over stage either. Crowding in too many items can just look cluttered. Sometimes just a simple book and glasses on a coffee table can set a calming mood.  Remember that all personal photos and pictures should be put away also and keep artwork tasteful and simple.

Real Plants Pop

Don't use fake plants to add greenery. Real plants add freshness and life to a room. Don't buying a home in Kirkland Washingtonoverdo it either but a couple per large room can add just the right amount of life. Smaller bamboo shoots or a one flower vase in a bathroom are a nice touch also.

By keeping these things in mind, you can set your home apart from everyone else on the block. We can come through your home and give tips and advice on your specific Kirkland home. Our agents know what it takes to sell in this market and are Kirkland real estate professionals.  Learn more about how to stage from our sellers page.