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Relocating to Kirkland

Do you want to move to a new location, but you are not exactly sure which city or town you should move to?

Well, Hallmark Realty knows of the perfect place for you to relocate to - Kirkland, WA!
Kirkland is packed full of activities and other things to do. There are many parks, restaurants, shops, theaters and a whole lot of other things to do as well! This city is located just east of Puget Sound, and it's home to a great part of Lake Washington. Not only do you get quick access to the downtown area, but you also get a gorgeous view of the water as well. There are many neighborhoods in the area to choose from, and all of them are perfect for you to relocate to. This city is perfect for those of you who would like to live somewhere that isn’t as popular as Seattle, but gets more traffic than Yakima. The schools in the area are some of the highest ranked schools that Washington State has to offer, and will ensure your child a wonderful education. There is also a lot of amazing architecture around downtown that Kirkland has to offer as well. This city definitely has a history, and we want you to be part of the future! If you want to relocate to Kirkland, and want to start the home search, take a look at our available listings. We are certain that we have the perfect home for you.

Before you pack even one box, make a “Move File”. This file is designated for receipts, estimates, and other important information. A certain amount of travel miles will allow you to deduct from your federal income taxes. Be sure to check with the IRS during tax time to find what you can deduct. Keep all you and your family’s medical and dental records together. Ask your doctors and dentists for referrals in your new Kirkland community.

Get your children involved in the move. Listen to their opinions about potential homes and let the help pack. This will help ease potential anxieties about relocating. Set up play dates as quickly as possible to ease the transition and allow them to make new friends. Be sure to have their school records transferred to the new school district. 

Research the Kirkland community. The Kirkland Chamber of Commerce will happily send you information about your new community. There is a lot of tasks that could easily be forgotten, when you move. 

Here is a list, so you don’t forget any details: 

Utilities. Call your local utility company to discuss disconnecting or transferring services. 

Take back your library books. Pick up your dry cleaning and other items that are in repair shops. 

Cancel your newspaper. Contact your insurance companies to discuss changes in your policy and to find if moving will be covered and establish insurance on your new home. 

Cancel or transfer memberships to clubs and fitness centers. Close or transfer your money to another local bank or credit union. 

Clear out your safety deposit box. Have some cash on hand when you travel. 

Mail. Request a change of address. If you don’t know your new address, your new community post office will allow for general delivery. As your Kirkland Real Estate Representative we can provide all this information for you. Make sure to contact the post office first. This is also a good time to update your address book. Important or valuable items should be carried with you or sent by certified mail. Keep a list for tax records what items you gave to charity. 

Garage sale items that you will no longer need. Collect boxes about a month before you move. Use items, such as food and household cleaners. Dispose of flammable, corrosive and poisons. Empty gas and oil from mowers, other motors, gas grills and kerosene heaters. Defrost and empty your fridge and freezer right before you move. 

Make a reservation for your moving truck. Also, ask for ramps or hand trucks. Be sure to remember snacks and clothing for the trip. Also consider bringing: Band aids, coffee cups, paper towels, forks, knives, spoons, trash bags, phone book, pens and paper, your “Moving” file, phone, batteries, scissors, tape, flashlight, hammer, and toys for the kids Before you leave you “old” home, check every room and drawer to see if anything was left behind. It is a good idea to leave a note of your new address for mail to be forwarded in case the new owners get any of your mail. Once you have arrived to your new Kirkland home, check to see if mail is being forwarded, get a new driver’s license, and register to vote. Now it is time to settle into your new home.